Grilling and barbecuing? Not so tough. Our tips make it easy.

Midyett Premium Rub is the premier meat rub in the universe. Carefully formulated to complement beef and game meat, Midyett Premium Rub proves an excellent accent for pork, chicken, eggs, even fish.  Vegetables take extremely well to the Rub, in particular tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli.  And it’s great on popcorn.

If all that sounds too good to be true…well, turns out we live in a world of abundance, I guess, NOT SCARCITY, because everything you just read is absolutely 100% true.  We have done paralyzingly little marketing, and we still sell a few hundred jars of Midyett Premium Rub per quarter.  How many of those sales are to repeat customers?  A lot.  It’s a staple ingredient in distinguished larders the world o’er, and there’s no reason at all it shouldn’t be at least as popular as Mrs Dash.

Developed in Chicago by a native of Montana, Midyett Premium Rub is unlike any other dry rub we have found, and we’ve looked pretty hard for similar products.  The flavors are distinctive, and they pull out key elements in cooked food even as they complement anything on which you care to sprinkle it.

The ingredients in Midyett Premium Rub have been sourced meticulously and blended with love.  The grade of quality is extremely high.  The Rub is well worth the price if you like not only the chewing and swallowing parts of eating but the tasting part as well.

The complex interplay of coffee and sumac set it apart from the more mundane, even dumb stuff that people put on their steaks and barbecue. Seriously, it’s what you might call “the jam” when it comes to rub and you need to try it before you stop eating food.

Whenever we grill meat, I always suggest using it and my wife generally agrees.

Andy K, Edina MN

I just wanted to let you know that I've never eaten so much steak! I ordered two jars of your fine product and gave one of them to my friend as a birthday gift. I've just re-ordered more rub in the very handy refill bag, as I've gone through my entire jar. Thank you so much!

Bill S, Portland OR

The best testimonial I could give is that Midyett Premium helped me convince quite a few people that I was actually pretty good at making food.

Justin H, Columbus OH

The Rub tastes great on corn of all kinds. I tried to simulate the rub from the online recipe before but got the balance completely off. Glad I ordered from the source. A+++ would order again.


I want to let you know that in our continued love for your rub. We are constantly knocked out by what it brings to the meat. We've used many times... on chicken, pork, and steak...on the grill and even in a pan. Each time better than the last.

Mark G, Chicago

I've been using your stuff like crazy [at Superiority Burger NYC]. I love it. It's really special.

Brooks Headley, New York City

The rub is fantastic, and i deploy it as often as I can.

Mike A