Midyett Premium Rub is a spice blend that I made up.

It got written up in Bon Appetit. Seriously, click on where it says “Bon Appetit” there. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

The Rub was designed for use with beef. It makes beef taste more like beef than beef already tastes like beef.

I didn’t use the Rub on anything but beef and game meat for a long time. But other people swore by it for pork, and…you know what, it’s pretty great on pork. Then I tried it on chicken and guess what? Great. Then I made a whole big old turkey with it and also it was great.

Turns out...you can put it on or in whatever you want, and it's probably going to be delish. The Rub is sort of like MSG only it's not controversial. You can put it on other meats. Or eggs. Popcorn. Tomatoes and mushrooms. Bloody Marys. Milk. Just kidding, wouldn't try it in milk so much. It actually tastes pretty swell straight out of the jar.

Anyway, I believe it is delicious, other people are into it, and I haven’t seen anything else quite like it. I figure I owe it to humanity to make it available as a product.

Kindly click here to purchase Midyett Premium Rub. I will send it to you in the mail. I do sell it wholesale, and that’s a whole other thing; ask me about it.

This website will continue to evolve and will provide a multimedia whirlwind of magnificence eventually.

I do provide some common-sense basics regarding grilling and barbecue. I am not saying I'm the new plus ultra barbecue guy, but I’m not sure there is one. I do grill and barbecue a lot, and I eat my own food gladly. I might be able to help people avoid making the mistakes I have made.

Watch for updates in the near future! Let us know what you think!

Happy eating to you,

Tim Midyett