"Ask Tim"

I’m Tim, and I made up the Rub.

I will offer advice gladly when solicited, on questions involving the Rub, food, sartorial choices, relationship quandaries, etc.

Please be advised: I am not a lawyer, doctor (of anything), or otherwise certified professional.  I am an electrical engineer, writer, and musician who knows how markets and the Internet work, and I know what I like when I sit down to eat.  That’s about it.

Despite my lack of real qualifications, people write to me and ask me stuff all the time.  Not all the time, but some of the time, and enough so that I admit to copying and pasting on occasion.

Now I can just say to them, 'Kindly read the reply to your question in the "Ask Tim" section of the Midyett Premium website, where it will benefit all of humanity until end of times.'

Ask me your stuff below!  Or read what others have asked!  Reading is fun!